Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello Fall

Here at the coast we don't have this kind of display of color,
but travel inland about four and half hours and you run right into Yosemite,
   in all it's glory


For today I settle for the local pumpkin farm, table after table of gorgeous squashes,    
Beth grows so many varieties, it's hard to choose, I'll take one of each, and will be back for more. 

 I load up more than I have room for, how can I possibly resist.

 My kitchen counter is crowded with arrangements, and I have just begun!

  Everything looks and tastes delicious, friends happily share their bounty.

         My treasures come out for the celebration .

  Paintings are changed around, this one I especially love, copied it out of a book.

       My late gramma's roses one day, field sunflowers the next .

I make this same arrangement every year, the squashes change but the dried sunflower heads and dates, that look all the world like grapes are my October changes to December I add a few red berries,  a little pine here and there, It takes me through January .

 Indulge yourself in the joys of Fall,
 savor the colors,
 delight in the beauty that surrounds,
 even if it's just a leaf floating in a puddle,
   now is the time .

 Until next time I wish you happy days,   vicki


  1. what wonderful decorations! i love all of them!

  2. So many treasures of Nature all wonderfully arranged. Your Gramma's roses are lovely. Colors of autumn, my favorite.

  3. Hey Victoria love your Fall vignettes, such a lovely time of year and those colours at Yosemite, their beauty takes my breath away.......

    Claire :}

  4. Now that still life of veg and fruit in the crockery looks like a painting by a dutch master. I love the bounty found here!

  5. Gorgeous post!
    I love your Autumn arrangement ~ beautiful!

  6. I just found your gorgeous blog through Julie's. What a delight! Your art and photos are a luscious feast for the eyes. It's so nice to meet you!

    Greetings from Wisconsin,