Saturday, September 15, 2012

Studio tour

Welcome to nutshell studios
This is walnut, the larger of my two very small work shops.
Each are bulging at the seams with things I can't seem to live without !
collections, supplies, more collections, and piles of art I spend my days creating.
My husband built my studios and did all the stonework.
Come take a look around~

One of my favorite things are these old chinese ginger jars that hold my tools.

Baskets cover every surface, crowded with items I need or just love having around .

My drawers equally,  have not a inch more space,  somehow tho I seem to stuff in more !
These handmade books, papers from Japan, small things I gather bring me so much joy .

Can't have enough books, inspiration at my finger tips

Outside this window is a huge pine tree, the trunk consumes half of the window view and allot of my light, In return, most every afternoon at least a half dozen wood peckers line up squawking for peanuts,
I love watching them, It's a good trade.

I tend to collect  green into turquoise things, I've always been drawn to these shades of color,
cool and soothing, refreshing, ~ watery .

I find myself creating things to match my paintings, like these paper butterflies .

Thank goodness for shelves ........

And wherever I sit, I insist on having something in front of me that is deliciously pleasing .

Thank for stopping by, next time I'll show you around acorn, aka little shop of horrors !
Wishing you happy days ~ vicki


  1. Thank you so much for this charming tour of your beautiful spaces. From the outside in, everything is positively singing with creativity and inspiration. Your husband's an amazing builder, and stones are the perfect part of your exterior.
    I love your workspace; so much texture and color; I love the greens/blues/turquoises. To be pestered by woodpeckers is a delightful nuisance! So much to look at it in these photos. Just wonderful. I look forward to seeing more!! Robin.

  2. A lovely visit to your studio Vicki....So interesting to see where others create and the things they hold dear to their heart.
    How wonderful to watch the birds in the afternoon, definitely a good trade. I'm with you on the green to turquoise such beautiful colours.....

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :]

  3. Gorgeous pictures of a truly inspring place!

  4. Great studio tour! Thanks for showing us around. Such a lovely space, and so precious to see what is special to you. I think this is my favorite post yet!

  5. Victoria, Oh my! We are kindred spirits! IF there is a flat surface in my backyard studio...something will land on it and take ownership of the space. I'm a quilter/embroiderer/beader and there are always things slipping into the studio to find a home. And, those books!! I love your 'walnut' and know it is a sacred place for you. I certainly understand. And, green just happens to be my favorite color...see...I 'get' you. Enjoy your time there and thanks for giving us a little tour today!! pat

  6. I am so glad that Joyce sent me to your site. I, too, have a workshop and craft shop, both filled with things that I love and have collected over the years. However, mine aren't as artistically framed in their containers as are yours. But, I can put my hands on anything that I need. Now, with the cooler months, you have inspired me to do some rearranging. I, personally, can't imagine doing anything but staring at your beautiful vistas all day long, accomplishing nothing. I agree with Robin, your husband is an outstanding builder. Come visit when you can.