Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A friend for tea

This is the road to the nearest Trader Joe's, a gorgeous highway through
vineyards, farms, and open land.

This time a year you can count on sights to remember.
I had to stop and just watch the sheep graze,
                             quiet beauty.

Some had bells that made a lovely clang as they brushed against
the dry glass, the sound was like a gentle whisper, I could have
stayed the entire day just watching.

As a painter I marvel at the mauve shadows they cast under this stately oak tree.

A quick stop at Beth's for some fresh flowers for the table.

Shopping finished we head back, stopping along the way for a few more photo's .

The pumpkins at this farm are starting to turn, I can't wait until October !

Back at home I arrange flowers for the kitchen and patio table,
 the hand vase I bought in Paris last winter, I have a collection of iron stone jugs
that always look wonderful with seasonal flowers.

Traded with Sally and got this wonderful vintage glass grape bottle.
Looks great with the dahlia's .

Time to clear the patio table it's almost time for company.

Julie arrives with a hot nectarine pie she had just baked, look at that crust !

This pie was scrumptious.

Time for our party, thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed the adventure.
Happy days.      Vicki


  1. I want that day back! It was perfect.
    Loved our talk and remember that sun and the marine layer going away, and how we solved all the world's problems??
    oh and you make the most delicious tea, and to be served pie on plates from Paris was awful nice too.

  2. Well didn't I just LOVE your trip to Paso!! I miss those beautiful hills! The picture of Teddy is darling and love the sheep grazing! Beautiful! Also the tea party! Julie's pie, YUM!! Back yard beautiful as always! Thank you for bringing me along!!
    xx Susan

  3. Your tea party looked wonderful and I am in love with Teddy! So happy to visit your blog and see your beautiful inspirations!!!

  4. Hello, Vicki! I have come to visit from Julie's blog. She wrote about your beautiful garden, home and a fabulous tea. I am excited to meet you, and loved reading through your first posts. I am enthralled by your paintings, and wish I could observe how you paint with your knives. The energy of the sea and wind moves vibrantly through your beautiful art.
    Your Teddy is a gorgeous fellow; he must be a wonderful friend!
    Merry Meet! Robin.

  5. hi...i just popped over from julie's and joined to follow you. i will add you to my sidebar too!!! both of our dogs are named teddy! julie's pie does look scrumptious. you have a beautiful patio. joyce

  6. Hi Victoria....I just found you via, Julie. What a beautiful day with peach pie and tea!
    Looking forward to more posts.
    P.S. May I suggest that you turn your word verification off? It makes it so much easier to comment!

  7. Hello Vicki, I cam over from Julie's blog as well. She was right your tea looks delicious! What a beautiful place of the world you life in!!

    Have a lovely day.


  8. Hi Vicki, Just left Julie's sunny blog and I see yours looks even sunnier. What a lovely place to live and work. If you find a way to bottle and sell those 'golden rays' please let me know! Best wishes from a cloudy damp Lake District in the UK. Eli x

  9. Hi, I'm popping over on Julie's recommendation! Your photos are beautiful! Love her pie!!! Wish I was there for a slice! I'm now following you!

    Have a lovely day!


  10. Oh I loooove a nice little cream tea in the afternoon! That pie looks delicious. You seem to have created an idyllic party. And I love the sheep and the dog too.

    I found your blog through October Farm. I will show up again.

  11. I can see why Julie likes to have tea at your house....so lovely, so beautiful! Your photos and your table, dishes, etc make me swwon!