Monday, July 30, 2012

The best little post office

A group of prints off to be mailed I worked on this last weekend.

 It's about a 14 mile round trip drive to my favorite post office.

 A glorious ride north to San Simeon where you can grab a scrumptious sandwich at Sebastion's, and wine taste or spontaneously have an entire glass at Hearst winery, then mail your letters and packages all in the same historic building.       I declare !

 Teddy whimpers with excitement knowing his walk is part of the journey ........
NO going on the pier with him,   but for the glamour starved society, we can wear what we want !

 Lunch eaten, weary from walking we head home,  and yes there is a post office closer,
yet the magic of going to San Simeon is the gift I give to myself.

Hope you enjoyed the trip, stop in again for another local adventure .
Happy days   ~ Victoria

Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting to know me

Hello and welcome to my first post.  I'm working on a Point Lobos painting, Point Lobos is located in Carmel, California.

I paint primarily with a knife.

Painting small helps me decide color and design.

Where I happily live there are beautiful places to paint minutes away.

Then to mix the paint and find just the right shade of orange for those wild California poppy's.

Never let an old palette go to waste.