Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello Fall

Here at the coast we don't have this kind of display of color,
but travel inland about four and half hours and you run right into Yosemite,
   in all it's glory


For today I settle for the local pumpkin farm, table after table of gorgeous squashes,    
Beth grows so many varieties, it's hard to choose, I'll take one of each, and will be back for more. 

 I load up more than I have room for, how can I possibly resist.

 My kitchen counter is crowded with arrangements, and I have just begun!

  Everything looks and tastes delicious, friends happily share their bounty.

         My treasures come out for the celebration .

  Paintings are changed around, this one I especially love, copied it out of a book.

       My late gramma's roses one day, field sunflowers the next .

I make this same arrangement every year, the squashes change but the dried sunflower heads and dates, that look all the world like grapes are my October changes to December I add a few red berries,  a little pine here and there, It takes me through January .

 Indulge yourself in the joys of Fall,
 savor the colors,
 delight in the beauty that surrounds,
 even if it's just a leaf floating in a puddle,
   now is the time .

 Until next time I wish you happy days,   vicki

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Studio tour

Welcome to nutshell studios
This is walnut, the larger of my two very small work shops.
Each are bulging at the seams with things I can't seem to live without !
collections, supplies, more collections, and piles of art I spend my days creating.
My husband built my studios and did all the stonework.
Come take a look around~

One of my favorite things are these old chinese ginger jars that hold my tools.

Baskets cover every surface, crowded with items I need or just love having around .

My drawers equally,  have not a inch more space,  somehow tho I seem to stuff in more !
These handmade books, papers from Japan, small things I gather bring me so much joy .

Can't have enough books, inspiration at my finger tips

Outside this window is a huge pine tree, the trunk consumes half of the window view and allot of my light, In return, most every afternoon at least a half dozen wood peckers line up squawking for peanuts,
I love watching them, It's a good trade.

I tend to collect  green into turquoise things, I've always been drawn to these shades of color,
cool and soothing, refreshing, ~ watery .

I find myself creating things to match my paintings, like these paper butterflies .

Thank goodness for shelves ........

And wherever I sit, I insist on having something in front of me that is deliciously pleasing .

Thank for stopping by, next time I'll show you around acorn, aka little shop of horrors !
Wishing you happy days ~ vicki

Friday, September 7, 2012

card project

            Making festive cards for the fall season is surly the recipe for October fun .
 these images ( naughty kitty and hoot owl )
 I paint with bleach on black paper, 
don't use real hair brushes as the bleach will dissolve the brush,
I use bamboo brushes, twigs, and whatever I can find...... 
let the bleach dry and fill 
in with watercolor . 


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A friend for tea

This is the road to the nearest Trader Joe's, a gorgeous highway through
vineyards, farms, and open land.

This time a year you can count on sights to remember.
I had to stop and just watch the sheep graze,
                             quiet beauty.

Some had bells that made a lovely clang as they brushed against
the dry glass, the sound was like a gentle whisper, I could have
stayed the entire day just watching.

As a painter I marvel at the mauve shadows they cast under this stately oak tree.

A quick stop at Beth's for some fresh flowers for the table.

Shopping finished we head back, stopping along the way for a few more photo's .

The pumpkins at this farm are starting to turn, I can't wait until October !

Back at home I arrange flowers for the kitchen and patio table,
 the hand vase I bought in Paris last winter, I have a collection of iron stone jugs
that always look wonderful with seasonal flowers.

Traded with Sally and got this wonderful vintage glass grape bottle.
Looks great with the dahlia's .

Time to clear the patio table it's almost time for company.

Julie arrives with a hot nectarine pie she had just baked, look at that crust !

This pie was scrumptious.

Time for our party, thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed the adventure.
Happy days.      Vicki