Friday, September 7, 2012

card project

            Making festive cards for the fall season is surly the recipe for October fun .
 these images ( naughty kitty and hoot owl )
 I paint with bleach on black paper, 
don't use real hair brushes as the bleach will dissolve the brush,
I use bamboo brushes, twigs, and whatever I can find...... 
let the bleach dry and fill 
in with watercolor . 



  1. oh wow....that is fabulous. i never thought of using bleach on black paper. what a neat idea.

  2. They are even more wonderful in person!

  3. I love your painting and all you are doing. Garden is beautiful. Such a beautiful place to live and be inspired!

  4. What a lovely blog...JAZ from over at October Farm recommended your site...good recommendation.

  5. Victoria, I read about your blog on my friend, Julie's blog. She was right...yours is a great place to visit. And, I LOVE your tea her pie was DIVINE. Being a quilter, I loved your table quilt and the setting too. So nice to imagine you two friends enjoying each other in such a magnificent place. Your work is beautiful and I will visit you again and again. THANK YOU, pat