Wednesday, October 3, 2012

weekend getaway

Living on the central coast of California you don't have to go far off for a marvelous adventure.
Last weekend I headed up the coast to Carmel to visit my son and his good friend Zabie,
 hunt around for treasures, visit my favorite organic food farm, and bask in the beauty of this
wonderful place.

My van packed, off I go..........

From my house it's about a 100 mile trip up the winding road that clings to the cliff edge of the pacific ocean .  The clouds were like ribbons, hanging low streaming across the landscape .

It takes about 3 hours give or take to get to Carmel, the entire trip offers stunning views
of a rough wilderness and breathtaking sights of the ocean below .

It was a overcast day, the sun peeking in and out..... gentle like a watercolour .

The farm did not disappoint with piles of pumpkins and squash, I had enough at home
but there is always room for a few more !

I always looks for the the longest stems, thats the personality I look for .

 colors, textures, shape, these have it all ...

I went to all my favorite thrift shops and didn't find a single thing, I was just about to walk out
 when a gal put a box on the counter with these hand puppets, I gulped, and one by one
I took them out of their box giggling to myself with sheer excitement, and said " I'll take them "
What a find, these are SO special, what fun for the holidays .

Staying at Zabie's meant great cooking and a spectacular environment.

 Zabie making a beautiful apple pie.  hmmmm

Dinner was stuffed goat cheese squash blossoms in a fresh tomato base .


Salmon with pistachio pesto crust...................yummmmmmmmm

After all that I slept here !   bliss

What a grand weekend, I came home refreshed, inspired, grateful for my family and friends that make
my life so rich in the pleasures of nature, fresh organic foods,  and the art of sharing .
This is my painting of the beauty of Big Sur .
Until next time, wishing you happy days,  ~ vicki
Thank you zabie *


  1. what a wonderful trip. i love all of the pumpkins of course! your painting is fabulous!

  2. Beautiful drive, the coast is tremendous. What a great time you must have had. I love how you wrote and showed photos of all the fun and tasty and lovely surroundings.
    At first glance those puppets reminded me of Mr Rogers neighborhood and his Island of Make Believe puppets. But I don't think Mr Rogers had a devil one, lol.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful trip Vicki.....fab op shop find, amazing character full pumpkins, gorgeous scenery and it looks like there was some spectacularly good food eaten too.......
    You've certainly captured the picturesque scenery of the Big Sur in your painting it.

    Claire :}

  4. What a beautiful post...the drive must be a truly spectacular experience. Now, about that pie...I've never seen one that big!
    And, your painting is just wonderful. I love that you paint 'small.'
    Thanks for a little mini-tour!!! pat

  5. A wonderful post (and great photos) but not nearly so wonderful as your staying at Los Abuelos. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself... now come back again and often.
    xo Zabie

  6. I love Zabie's white marble counter, and that pie crust looked perfect and the pie huge! Enough for seconds. It is a wonderful painting and i can say that with confidence having just seen it in person. xxx