Thursday, October 18, 2012

Indian summer

It's warm at the coast today, Indian summer I call it, pine needles cover the patio and pathways,
leaves are falling, the air is scented with a marine brine, fall is here.
With this comes lots of work in the garden, I find it joyful and relaxing . 

Teddy is always close by, looking for a cool spot to spread out.

The ferns dance in the warm breeze sheltered by giant redwood trees .

At my potting area I have various collections of floral frogs, seems I never have enough...
I always buy more ! old, and rustier the better .
Last year I made these clay succulents at my friend Lindy's, I leave soon for 5 days at her
ranch with another friend Gayle, we will be making lots of wonderful things .

This one is a favorite .

We still have blooms on several succulent plants, they enjoy the mild weather here.

Come late afternoon a glass of good red is a fine reward .

Turtle frogs !  I have a family of them !

Evening we walk through our garden, swept, watered, fresh......
grateful for such a beautiful place we call home .
This is my studio nestled in the oaks .

Potting area cleaned and pine needle free.......almost !
Thank you for stopping by,  wishing you a spooky trick or treat......
Happy days ~ vicki


  1. your gardens are gorgeous! i have a thing for floral frogs too. i even have frogs that are floral frogs. i have lots of garden work to do before next weekends party. tomorrow i tackle the garden shed!

  2. Indian summer at your home sounds and looks peaceful and lovely. I liked looking at all your floral frogs, that is quite a collection. Beautiful gardens. Enjoy creating at your friend's place.

  3. Vicki I just love that owl painting you did, and your garden is even lovlier in person and always evolving. A true Shangri La!