Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello again, It's been a busy couple of months for me, I've had the pleasure of being invited to a host of wonderful events, a cooking class in Carmel, five days of fun at my friend Lindy's ranch in Santa Ynez to work in stoneware, and enjoy her gorgeous land, then back to Carmel to celebrate Thanksgiving .

Beautiful sky's on the drive to Carmel

The cooking class was in the Carmel highlands in a kitchen the size of half my house, the menu was a Fall themed extravaganza of elegant food ..... to then be consumed in a glamorous setting .


We took notes with our black pencils and matching black notebooks provided, all very classy.......
                                                     as the chef performed her magic.

This was the end result of the fruit salad chef Wendy prepared, quite delicious, and very beautiful .

The main course was stuffed salmon, with butternut squash pasta leaves, mushrooms and squash,
with a creamy sauce,  and yes, It tasted as good as it looks .

The presentation was as fabulous as the foods she prepared, champagne and fine wine pared perfectly with this very special day .

I then was off to Santa Ynez , which is inland from Santa Barbara, 
rolling golden hills studded with old oak trees, vineyards and horse ranches dot the landscape of this breathtaking place.

My friend Gayle and I have been invited to stay with Lindy at her ranch high atop the hills with views all over the valley, Lindy is an artist, potter and a wonderful friend, staying with her is a wonderful experience, we cook, we laugh, and we work in clay all day long.

She has all the tools, glazes, and a environment to inspire .

I made pinch pots that turned into leaf bowls .

These  are my bowls during their drying stage, and I already had a use for them !

Lindy feeds her chickens well and they follow her in anticipation .

Then reward us with beautiful breakfasts .

The evenings we sit sipping wine and watch nature come over the hills in all her majesty.
Thank you Lindy for a marvelous time, I'll be back soon to glaze those leaf pots of mine and
can't wait to be in this gorgeous place once again.

A couple weeks later it was time to cook, pack and drive back to Camel to celebrate Thanksgiving
with one of our two sons,  the weather was spectacular, warm and balmy, we stopped many times
taking photo's of places we (always ) stop and take photo's !!   so hard to resist.......

Thanksgiving day we went to the famous white sand beach and had our coffee feeling
grateful for such wonderful lives we lead, fortunate to live on the California coast where
these places are close to enjoy .   Hope you enjoyed the ride .
Wishing you adventure,  vicki


  1. Lovely seeing a new post with all the fabulous places you have visited and creative endeavors you have engaged in. LOVE that sunbeam photo! Luscious! And your leaf pinch pots are clever and beautiful. Look forward to seeing them glazed and fired.

  2. Wow, what a fabulous time you've had! I'm envious of that cooking class! Have a wonderful week!

  3. oh that dark clay, its really something. Your pots are wonderful!
    What a great place for creative inspiration , and the chef's kitchen with a double set of stoves~ and the food looks extremely pleasing to the eye. Lovely post