Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring decoration

     I love decorating for Spring, over the years
     I've amassed all sorts of eggs,
     dyed, painted, wood, glass, and natural ones .
     You can see them inside and out, I rarely put
     them away

     These glass ones I adore, and have lots of them
     all over the garden, when the sun hits them they
     illuminate like fire opals .......

     I collect nests as well, they also can be found
     all over the house year around, I especially
     love them under a glass dome .......

     These are actually gourds I covered with paper layers
     I recovered from a old, falling apart japanese screen
     given to me by my friend Gayle, I decoupaged,
     then added  metallic powders, and sealed with a acrylic
     coating...... they look beautiful for rustic outdoor
     table setting, however will not hold up in wet or
     damp weather ..

     These egg shaped turquoise nuggets
     I enjoy in my studio, the dark veining is
     strikingly beautiful, don't you think ?

     This spectacular ostrich egg was hand done by my
     friend Annie, the other five are painted wood I bought
     in Russia...... this grand bowl is perfect to display my
     growing collection .......

     These sweet little ducklings I've had for many years,
     yes.... stuffed ( natural causes I was told ) are always in a
     spring arrangement on my kitchen counter...

     This beautiful painting of eggs and turquoise pot
     was done by my grandmother, It hung over our
     dining room table when I was a child, I bring it
     out front and center in the Spring months ...........

     Spring in Yosemite...... I will be going next month for
     9 days to assist Annie Lawrence artist workshop, I'm so excited !
     We will teach from 10 ~ 2 each day, then have the rest of the day
     to do our own art, explore, and take in the majestic scenery,
     tremendous water falls, raging rivers, and blooming dogwood......
     I will take plenty of photos to share with you  .
     Hope you have a few eggs to put in your nest this spring ~
     Wishing you happy days,         victoria

     One of my yosemite paintings 2011


  1. i know where you got your talent from! was she a well known artist? i am blown away by the glass and turquoise eggs! where did you find them. the ducks are fantastic too.

  2. Hi! I remember the first time I saw a bowl of your eggs, which I thought were moonstones........) that's how beautiful they are,
    love your grandma's painting, that color scheme is so perfect.
    Happy days ahead!xxx