Thursday, February 28, 2013

California dreamin

Spring so soon ?
Sun is out 70*, bulbs in bloom and more on the way .
When other parts of the country is buried in snow here in
California we are looking for rain, shall we get a few
drops more it's hard to say, difficult to wish for more
winter when it's so splendid .

     We have many pots of bulbs and add to them each year .
     It may be brief, but the enjoyment is so worth the wait.

     Last week
     we drove 5 miles inland to a ranch high on a hill
     to pick oranges, lemons and tangerines, the air was
     sweet with the scent of citrus, I parked in the vineyard and
     we hiked down with our buckets and bags .


          The fruit trees beginning to blossom, the hills blanketed
          in green velvet, such a gorgeous sight .

     The trees were bursting with ripe fruit we filled
     our bags heavy with the bounty......

     I stood at the edge in awe of the beauty....
     just beyond those hills lies the pacific ocean .

     Back at home we empty our sacks and delight
     in our good fortune.... this is juice, marmalade,
     and of course peel & eat,
     with plenty to share.........


     Meanwhile I've been busy creating in clay,
     I love these loose bowls, when glazed I think
     will be wonderful with a floating camellia.......

     They sit drying in my studio window
     like waves of ruffles ..............

     I'm getting silly......

     I'm getting frilly.......

    .........and sillier yet,  I've never known a craft
     to be more calming and addictive, I've been spending
     hours in complete joy making senseless FUN.........

      All the while this painting I sketched out
     two months ago sits waiting to be worked
     on..... I'll get to it eventually, right now
     I'm living in the moment
     doing what feels good .
     Hope you enjoyed a few moments in my world ..
     Wishing you happy days ~ victoria


  1. oh wow...almost makes me want summer if that is possible! clay is so addictive! though on a wheel i can only create cat bowls and ash trays!!! pinching is a whole other story. i love your pieces!

  2. Beautiful trip to get citrus!
    Your pottery looks like fun...would love to see one finished with the camellia floating in it!
    Good to see a post from you!!

  3. Well this is a glorious post. I can smell the oranges, feel the ocean air as you drove back home, and hear the wheels crunch over the pebbly drive. Your white and yellow daffodils are stunning.
    But that table laid with citrus that is the result of your foraging out in nature and the fresh air.......that's SO YOU!!

  4. I love your back yard, especially the fireplace! The frilly clay pieces are lovely, especially fish, he made me smile! And picking fresh citrus - rewarding! Have a lovely weekend!