Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012

It's time to put away glittery stars and brass bells..........

      Take off the red ribbons.........

     Wrap cherished treasures in tissue........

     Pack the antique Santa's away in their carved wooden box........

     Remove the fantasy from my already glorious chandelier
      ( that I bought 26 years ago for 75 dollars ! )

     Put away the ornaments and gilded leaves........

     Create a white winter still life for the patio table.......

     And start fresh.......

     Wishing all of you magical days, vibrant health, abundance,
      and a festive spirit.........
                                   Happy New Year,       Vicki


  1. wow..all of your stuff is fabulous! i don't know when i will take my decorations down. i guess this week. i hate to let xmas go. happy new year victoria!

  2. gorgeous! all just gorgeous! happy new year!

  3. Beautiful decorations! Thank you for the tour! Have a wonderful and Happy New Year!

  4. Howdy Neighbor;

    Old world Christmas at your house and treasured things that just have the most wonderful patina. Love the veggie display, makes me want to make ratatouille! Beautiful picture of Teddy too
    Happy New Year